English Package – Legal Package

Are you dreaming of getting your driver’s license – and at a reasonable price? It doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune to get behind the wheel. At least not if you choose our “lovpakke” (law package).
The prices for a driver’s license in and around the capital have exploded, and it can be challenging to find the budget for it. But at Hellerup Trafik, we maintain our attractive prices, where everyone can participate. And this is entirely without compromising on quality and good learning.
Our “lovpakke” is the cheapest way to get a driver’s license for you. Here, you only pay for the law’s minimum requirements for theory and driving lessons.

Our “lovpakke” includes:

  • 29 theory lessons
  • 4 lessons on a maneuvering course (better known as a “crawl space”)
  • 4 lessons on a driving skills facility (skid pad)
  • 16 lessons on the road
  • online access to theory tests for 4 months

If you subsequently need additional driving lessons, these cost DKK 600.
This offer requires registration and online payment.
Please note that there are often other expenses associated with getting a driver’s license that are not included in our “lovpakke.” These can include a first aid course, theory test, medical certificate, passport photo, driving test, theory book, fee to the Danish Road Directorate, and rental of a car for the driving test and possibly warming up before the test.
Additional driving lessons: DKK 600
Rental of car for practical test: DKK 1990 and translator fee.
Sign up for our “lovpakke” today and select your date to start.

We look forward to welcoming you at Hellerup Trafik – English course

Course provider : Ghazanfar Ali
Responsible for English department at Hellerup Trafik

Need more information: 41182097


17,990.00 kr.